Fairy tale folk plug Hedon Festival

THE EXCITEMENT is building for this year’s #Hedfest18 in Hedon on Saturday 7 July. Regular stalls are taking place in Hedon town centre on Saturday and Wednesday mornings to sell programmes for this year’s free to enter Hedon Festival event taking place in venues across the town. Many local shops and businesses are also getting into the festival spirit and selling the programmes too.


Fellowship of the Precious. Photo ‘out of the mist’ by Jason Brindley.

But it’s not just Hedon where programme sales are taking place! In Hull city centre last Saturday, the Lord of the Rings re-enactment society The Fellowship of the Precious, who are taking part in the Hedfest Carnival Parade, emerged from the mist to promote the return of the light and colours of Hedfest to Hedon, and to encourage people to join them on the Carnival Parade. Meanwhile back in Hedon, at the Hedfest stall there, the glamorous and beautiful Belle (from Princess Parties ‘Beauty and the Beast’ characters) was helping to plug the festival.

#Hedfest18 takes place from mid-morning to to midnight on Saturday, 7 July with some 50 bands, acts and performers taking part. The Carnival Parade assembles from 12.30pm at Ivy Lane, Market Hill for a 1.30pm start. It’s a free event, but the programme listing the performance schedules costs £2.

Enquiries: Hedon Town Council, St. Augustine’s Gate, Hedon, East Yorkshire. HU12 8EX 01482-898428. Office Opening Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00am till 3.00pm.

Hedon Councillor Sarah Rommell with Belle.

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