WE NEED HedFesters – Hedon festival volunteers!

Drummers Hull Sesh

Those who volunteer for other festivals will know the thrill and buzz gained from being part of such an occasion. By volunteering you gain a special insight into how such an event is put together, there’s a comradeship and community spirit that just can’t be replicated by doing anything else. And most other festivals offer perks and privileges to their volunteers in exchange for helping out – and HedFest will have some interesting benefits for those that volunteer.

So what kind of things might you be doing? You could be helping to set up the festival areas, perhaps helping give information to festival-goers on where things are, such as venues and car parking. You might be helping out with stewarding or marshalling events. Litter picking is also a key activity, helping to keep the festival area clean and attractive, and there is a big job cleaning up after the event. If you have special skills and experience you might take on more responsibility.

It’s expected that volunteers would work on a shift system which would give opportunities for breaks and a chance to soak up the festival atmosphere.

This is only a summary of what might be involved in being a HedFester. But if it has whetted your appetite, then send us your details we will get in touch 😀

Contact Hedon Town Council if you want to volunteer!

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