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News for HedFest Knitters

Yarn bombed pom poms

Yarn bombed rail pom poms

Example: Yarn bombed rail pom poms

KNITTERS – for the Hedon Festival ‘yarn bombing’ knitting campaign:

“There is no specific pattern to follow. We are looking for triangles, squares, rectangles – of all sizes and colours – so basically you can use your scraps of wool and imagination……They can either be put together as bunting, or left as individual pieces, and we can sort them all.

“Camile at Hedon’s Yorkshire Mobility shop on New Road, Hedon is kindly acting as a drop-off point again. Someone will call into the shop from HedFest and collect on a frequent basis.”

camille yorkshire mobility shop

Drop in your ‘Yarn Bombing’ knitting pieces to Camille at the Yorkshire Mobility shop in Hedon.

Yarn-fest at HedFest – Knitters wanted!

Yarn bombed tree-001

Yarn-Fest on Market Hill, Hedon during HedFest last year.

“A PRETTY TOWN!” will be the lasting impression of Hedon that first-time visitors will get after taking part in HedFest16 in the summer.

Hedon is a beautiful place regardless, but during the Hedon Festival 2016, on the Friday evening 12th August and Saturday 13th August, it will be decorated in brightly coloured wool and cloth bunting. Trees, lamp posts, railings and the streets will be ‘dressed’ splendidly for the occasion.

But if we are to achieve the desired look for the town, we will need more volunteer knitters to make the wool squares, triangles, shapes and pom poms – and people who can sew all the creations together.

If you can knit, crochet or sew and would like to volunteer to help us with this yarn-fest, then please leave your details below (contact form, emailed privately) and we will contact you with more information.

Some volunteers are already busy knitting and your completed work can be left with Camille at the Yorkshire Mobility Shop, 22 New Road, Hedon.

Yarn Bombing

Agnes, the Activities Coordinator at Albermarle, Hedon adores the tree decorations completed by residents for last year’s HedFest.

Examples of Yarn-Fest done elsewhere:

Yarn bombed railings 2

Yarn bombed pom poms

Yarn bombed treeCONTACT FORM – Sent privately to the Blog (will not publish your details).

I would like to knit, sew or crochet for HedFest16 :

Drop-in meetings promoted HedFest

HEDFEST organisers arranged a meeting with Hedon traders on the 9th February 2016 at which local publican Andy Brown (of the Queen’s Head), agreed to act as the liaison person between town centre traders and the Festival Organising Committee.

Di Storr Hedon Inn meeting

Organisers speak to traders at the Hed’On Inn

A series of public drop-in information events followed during the third week of February to promote the Hedon Festival 2016.

The drop-ins at the Alexandra Hall Wednesday coffee morning, the Chatty Couch, the Hed’On Inn, the British Legion Club and the Haven Arms resulted in ten people volunteering to help out with HedFest16. Several local groups offered to put on stalls at the event which takes place on the Friday evening 12th August and on the Saturday 13th August. Many people requested that the festival organisers consider putting on more activities and entertainment for children.

The drop-ins showed unanimous support for the Hedon Festival with most people in each of the drop-in venues having attended the event last year and glad that it was taking place again. The Festival Organising Committee would like to give its thanks to each of the participating venues that hosted a drop-in.

The carnival parade proved to be a popular component part of the festival and this year’s event will benefit from the added involvement of local people recruited via the drop-ins and other planned promotional events. The Festival Organising Committee is considering making the theme for the HedFest Carnival 2016 the ‘Past, Present and Future’ of Hedon with contingents imaginatively interpreting that theme in their costumes, masks, hats and banners.

Those wanting to get involved in organising the Hedon Festival can contact Hedon Town Council on 01482 898428 (9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) for more information – or click the Volunteers tab at the top of the page.

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