“Thank You” to our Hedfest knitters!

Yarn bombed tree-001HEDFEST, on the day of the Carnival Parade, Saturday 13th August 2016, will see Hedon town centre ‘dressed’ for the occasion! Our already beautiful town will become pretty in pink… and, blue, red, green, orange and every other colour!

The centre of town will be given a woolly and wonderful makeover as street furniture is decorated with wool bunting and items of knitting supplied by a team of volunteer knitters!

Woolly decorated noticeboard

Woolly decorated noticeboard

With only a few short weeks to Hedfest, Camille the manager of Yorkshire Mobility, the shop on New Road which is kindly acting as the collection point for those with knitted items, is keen to give thanks to four knitters in particular who have donated bag loads of knitting. So this is a big ‘THANK YOU’ from Camille and all at Hedfest to Mavis Lane, Audrey Nelthorpe, Audrey Windsor and Helen Porter. You are our Woolly Wonders!

The four mentioned and, of course, all those others that have spent hours knitting, crocheting, and sewing for Hedfest will be rightly proud when they see just how marvellous and wonderfully woolly our town looks for the occasion of the Carnival Parade on Saturday 13 August 2016.

There’s still time for more knitted items to be donated – there’s no pattern to follow, just knit triangles, squares, rectangles, and pom-poms – of all sizes and colours – so basically you can use your scraps of left-over wool and your imagination! The pieces can either be put together as bunting or left as individual pieces.

Drop off your knitted items with Camille at the Yorkshire Mobility shop.

camille yorkshire mobility shop-001

Largest choice of Mobility Products and Daily Living Aids. 22 New Road, Hedon, HU12 8EN

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